Our Desserts are Homemade

Fresh Fruit Pavalova    €4.95
Meringue cake that has a light and delicate crisp crust and a soft sweet
marshmallow center. This lovely dessert is served with whipped cream and fresh
seasonal fruit.

Chocolate Nemesis      €4.95
Warm chocolate Fudge Cake served with Fresh Cream

Crème brûlée      €4.95
Our rich Vanilla Custard base topped with a layer of Crisp Caramel

Selection of Italian Ice-creams    €4.95

Crisp Apple Crumble    €4.95
Served warm with Custard & Vanilla Ice-cream

Childrens Selection of Ice-creams   €2.75


Irish coffee      €6.00

Baileys coffee      €6.00

Cafe Royal    €6.50

Tia Marie Calypso    €6.00


Tea (per cup) €2.00
Coffee (Black) €2.20
Milk (Glass) €1.50
Milk (Pint) €2.00
Hot Chocolate €2.50
Hebal Tea   €2.50
Hot Chocolate     €4.50
Cream & Chocolate Flake
Molinari Coffees  €4.50
Espresso   €2.30
Jet black, get your mind moving!
Americano    €2.30
The richness of espresso mellowed by hot water
Latte     €2.50
A shot of espresso mingled with velvet smooth steamed milk
Cappuccino    €2.50
Classic combination of steamed & foamed milk

Mocha  €2.70
Chocolate mingled with espresso & steamed milk, wickedly luxurious!